Pensioner Removed From Home Illegally – No LPAs In Place

Social Workers Error Costs Council

This is the horrible tale of a pensioner removed from her home illegally by Social Workers with no authority whatever, and against her families’ wishes. What is even more frightening is that many solicitors and other legal advisers recommend that people only take out the Property and Financial Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney.

They say that the Health and Welfare LPA is unnecessary, but it is the very one which gives your family some control over where you live, who you see and both medical and religious matters, should you lose the ability to make your own decisions. It is not nice for your family to be sidelined when they know what is best for you and Social Workers and lawyers (who may end up in charge) do not have that personal insight.

We think they are crucial, though we do agree that the Property and Financial Affairs one is the best one to start with if you can’t afford both.

Here is part of MK Webs report:

“The son of a frail pensioner with dementia is to receive more than £80,000 from Milton Keynes Council after social workers removed her from his care – an unlawful action branded “deplorable” by a judge.

The six-figure sum is to cover the legal bills of the son and carer of the dementia sufferer – named only as X –  who was removed from her home  – for 19 days the son was not told where his mother had been taken.

As MKWeb previously reported in May the council was hammered by a top judge for unlawfully removing the pensioner from her devoted son’s care due to social worker’s concerns about her welfare.

At the Court of Protection yesterday (Thursday, October 9) District Judge Paul Mort ordered the council to pay the full legal bills of the son, a move the council had fought, arguing it should not foot the full amount.”
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  1. Post author
    This one from the Dail Mail:Council went to court to have autistic man taken from his parents… then he died after choking in the care home it forced him into.

     Mark Bailey choked on a piece of meat in Choices care home, Staffordshire
     The 40-year-old autistic man was removed from his family home in 2011
     He was placed at the specialist care centre in October 2012 when his condition deteriorated
     But he died in June 2013 when he choked on the meat and suffered a heart attack and brain damage
     His parents, Sheila and Charles, claim their son would still be alive if the family court ruled in their favour
     Mrs Bailey, 75, said: ‘The social services through the council have destroyed our lives’

    Read the full story of how the family lost control on the Daily Mail site

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