Register a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) – How To

Before use, you must register an LPA. They can’t be used until they have been registered by the Office of the Public Guardian on behalf of the Court of Protection. Trying to use an LPA before that can land you in all sorts of trouble! We only register LPAs which we have made.

Register a Lasting Powers of Attorney: Registration Costs

Some firms seem to charge as much as £360 (give or take depending on area) JUST to register a Lasting Power of Attorney – that is a bill for well over £1,000 just for the solicitors time (never mind Court Fees) to submit both types of Lasting Power of Attorney for a couple. Never mind their fees for setting them up in the first place.

This is almost more than we charge for creating and registering four Lasting Powers of Attorney for a couple! Our fees are usually a pleasant surprise – call us on 01323 384003.

Register a Lasting Power of Attorney: Court Fees

On top of that, you have to pay Court Fees to register a Lasting Powers of Attorney.  In 2021, the fees are £82 for each LPA. If your gross personal income is over £12,000 you will have to pay the full registration fee, but if it is under £12,000 there may be a £42 Court Fee: if you can REALLY prove your total gross income, which is harder than it sounds. In theory, it is possible to get the fee cut to NIL if your income is low enough, but we have yet to find any published formula for this.   So one of you might be earning and have to pay, but a housewife or husband with low or no income may be able to register a Lasting Power of Attorney free of Court fees.  To keep costs down, you could always register when you have a low income but…

Why not just register your LPA when it is needed?

That is an easy one!  It takes at least 2 months to submit an LPA and during that time no one is in control. So please, organise and submit your LPA.

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