How Lasting Powers of Attorney work

The UK LPA – Lasting Powers of Attorney Property and Financial Affairs

How Lasting Powers of Attorney work: they CAN be used once it is registered even if you could still manage your own finances but only if you specifically arrange for it to be written that way.   If you totally trust your attorneys (the people you appoint to manage things) then why not?  At least they won’t have the aggravation of having to argue that you have lost capacity.    If you don’t completely trust them, you have appointed the wrong attorneys! Writing your Lasting Powers of Attorney UK LPA in this way can go very wrong if you have appointed the wrong attorneys

Lasting Powers of Attorney UK LPA Health and Welfare CANNOT be used unless:

  1. The Powers of Attorney UK LPA health & welfare has been registered
  2. You have lost mental capacity

Once the LPA UK qualify to be used, the attorneys are effectively acting as if they are you. That said, the UK LPA attorneys are always required to consult you and to give great weight to your views if it is possible to find out what they are.

Not that some banks understand the law. – You may well find yourself (but we can help) having to contact the Chairman to explain that the law is actually above the banks’ internal rules and that UK LPA are more important than bank rules!

Why are there TWO types of Lasting Powers of Attorney UK LPA?

Good question. The best answer I can come up is that someone up there hates trees and wants lawyers to make lots of money!  But seriously:

Lasting Power of Attorney Property & Financial Affairs

cover things like paying bills, managing bank accounts, signing contracts, paying care fees – anything to do with money broadly.  However:

Lasting Powers of Attorney LPA UK  Health and Welfare

allow the attorney to CHOOSE a new home for you or to select a care home, or care staff.  It also allows the LPA UK attorneys to deal with medical staff as if they were you.  The only reservation is that the attorney has to be specifically given authority to refuse life-sustaining treatment on your behalf.  Not everyone will choose to do that.  Religious issues also come under the Health and Welfare LPA.

This is a very general guide to LPA’s in the UK.

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How Lasting Powers of Attorney work in the UK in greater detail

How Lasting Powers of Attorney work