Mental Capacity Act: Court of Protection or Star Chamber?

Mental Capacity Act: Court of Protection or Star Chamber?

The most sinister court in Britain strikes yet again.

The shadowy Court of Protection’s treatment of a 72-year-old grandmother is a national scandal, says Christopher Booker.

Time for an intelligent review of the Mental Capacity Act he says.

Read the story here.  It is important.

Then come back and make sure you contact us to put Lasting Powers of Attorney in place. If it is too late, see our Court of Protection Advice site.

There is absolutely no doubt that the whole system of the Court of Protection and the Office of the Public Guardian needs reform.  I am sure some of the allegations of Court of Protection lunacy would appear less lunatic if we knew the full facts, but there is no doubt that they are bringing British justice into disrepute, along without daft divorce laws.

And whilst Lasting Powers of Attorney are crucial, they need to be much faster to apply for and the massive bureaucracy being built up around them needs culling.

Lasting Powers of Attorney are the fraudsters best friend, and those who don’t set them up themselves with trusted family members or friends could easily lose all their assets to fraudsters.  Office of the Public Guardian – should be changed to Friend of Fraudsters and Preventer of Public Safety.   The Mental Capacity Act needs to be re-written with added common sense, and unlucky members of the public are plunged into needless nightmares because of pointless bureaucratic delays and not even cursory checks of whether the attorneys exist or are career criminals.


4 thoughts on “Mental Capacity Act: Court of Protection or Star Chamber?”

  1. BrianS
    deeply worrying – it appears that the principle of being tried by a jury and innocent until proven guilty are being ridden over roughshod. This is very wrong

  2. Anonymous
    Thanks to this article and others on the subject I will never apply to the Court of Protection for anything. Frughtening

  3. Post author
    The Court of Protection does far more good than harm. The fault (if there is one) is that people don’t take Legal Planning seriously, and the Court of Protection has to try to put the pieces together after things have gone wrong. They have to decide who has your best interests at heart – feuding family members, or Social Workers.
    So do your family a favour and contact us to get sound Legal Planning in place.

  4. Post author
    The problem is that you don’t have a choice!
    If you don’t do it, the local Social Services Department will, and then they will be in charge. And their services are NOT free.
    Call 01323 741208 and get Lasting Powers of Attorney sorted out before it is too late and the Court of Protection becomes the only route to get anything done.

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